One Main Topic Of Interest To Its Subscribers

Why do we need email newsletters?

You might have heard people asking “Why do we need email newsletters?” all the time. Then, you might have heard email marketeers saying “Of course you need it. You can promote your products, let the whole world know about your company”. Sounds boring but technically its only half the reason.
As you know, insurance plans and policies changes very often. Even on a yearly basis, it would be a difficult task to actually update every single client of the insurance agent, verbally that is. One day, our friend decides to improve her work efficiency and make sure all her loyal clients are updated with the latest enhancement of their insurance policy. She did this by subscribing email newsletter plans to facilitate her plans of improving her service.
Email newsletters can include latest information or updates of new/existing insurance policy holders. Explaining the details in brief with a tidy layout to highlight the key enhancements.
So, it is not only about e-campaigns, but also using email newsletters to keep in touch with our existing clients. Then at the same time, our insurance agent friend can greatly reduce her ‘upkeep’ cost. This helps when she intends to expand her agency further.
Email newsletter’s possibility is endless.