Video Presentation

Live Video, Motion Graphics, Voice Over

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Nothing can replace a visual spectacle. The impact that a video can create is huge. With the growth in corporate sector and the world becoming a global village, the scope of business has increased. Videos have become a vital component for the corporates to get a wider reach.

Making videos for business promotion is an art and highly systematic. Yellow & Gray Studio Pvt Ltd are the leading players in business promotion through videos. We are experts in pre-production and post-production services. Our team is richly experienced in video presentation service and has enviable track record.

How we operate?

Our experts from video making team does an intensive research on our client’s product. They understand the existing market of the product and then strategically plan on what to do and how to do so as to achieve client’s requirement. With a through back up they create a video that has the most visual appeal and greater impact upon the mind of the potential customers.

We offer services; scriptwriting, animation and visual effects, etc. Our team ensures the quality of the corporate video, ads, documentary that becomes a medium to interact with their clientele in a finesse tone.