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Best-Animation-Companies-At-ChennaiOne of the much sought after product in multimedia happens to be animation. Animation has a huge potential as it finds place in the field of education, advertisement, media, automobile and also in engineering. From children to adult consumers, animation has a wide reach. Owing to its huge potential there are many service providers in Chennai. Yellow & Gray Studio Pvt Ltd is rated as one of the Best Animation Companies in Chennai by its valuable clients. Our clients have rated us among the best in terms of work satisfaction as well as for affordability.
Yellow & Gray Studio Pvt Ltd has world class virtual architects who are masters in the field of animation. Having the service in abroad and in motherland our experts are highly reputed in the field of animation. We offer best of services in both 2 D as well 3 D animation.


Best-2D-Animation-Company-In-ChennaiCreativity and ability to make it a virtual reality are the key to success in animation industry. The more the product’s virtual appeal, the better will be business output. At Yellow & Gray Studio Pvt Ltd we provide animation services that is tailor made for the client’s business.
The list of 2D animation services that we offer includes:

  • 2D flash animation
  • 2D character design
  • Key frame animation
  • 2D concept art
  • 2D illustration services
  • 2D cartoon animation
  • Flash presentation
  • Story board sketching



The most interesting and attractive product in multimedia happens to be 3 D Animation. It has a mind blowing potential in terms of business. The reason for its popularity is due to the visual effects that it brings in. It gives life to a product and succeeds in making a huge impact over the customers.
Though it has huge potential it is demanding work and needs experts of the highest order. Skillful, creative thinking and knowledge are very important aspects of a successful 3 D Animator. Yellow & Gray Studio Pvt Ltd are blessed with experts who have all of these in addition to rich experience. Our team has over the years carried out successfully created 3D designs, 3D movies and 3D Games. Our hard work and dedication has helped us to become the Best 2D & 3D animation Company in Chennai.
Our Clients choose us for –

  • Our approach towards the project
  • Our experienced designers and developers
  • Our world class products quality
  • Our extended support

Our experts give life to our client’s ideas and provide them a virtual satisfaction.


Multimedia-Pre-production-Service- Company

Pre-production is a way to further developing ideas and planning that is done before the start of the actual production. In any animation, it is used before any real animating takes place.

Without this facility or process, a production work cannot be completed in an effective manner. Each step of the pre-production process develops a roadmap on which the whole base in created.

Animation production comprises four steps that assist to create an outline of the overall project. It includes; research and development, conceptualization, scope, storyboarding and animatic.

To give you the best animated designs, we start the process from understanding your created idea or concept. We support in creating this concept too, and create a dimension that stands you different from others.

For the purpose of pre-visualizing an animation, we processed to storyboarding. It gives a clear idea to clients and helps them visualize the various scenes. In case of complex animation sequences and to give special effects, we use animatic. We use it to show, how the scene will look and feel with the motion and timing.